Our Vision

We are looking to connect the future great thinkers, inventors, entrepreneur and anyone looking to find success or greater success in their lives. We understand success is not easy to understand if your past and surroundings have been negative from birth. We understand with so many people writing and giving information on success it may become confusing and cause people to give up on their journey returning 2 success. We look to provide information and tips that may help guide those that need a little extra guidance. We are not alone in this great world.

My Story

John Raniola - Self Help Expert

John C. Raniola spent twenty years troubleshooting air-conditioning and heating systems. His career taught him to efficiently solve problems and tackle challenges. Raniola has been reading self-improvement literature and practicing different techniques for six years. He has also spent the past four years creating and operating his own business and teaching others how to become successful. Raniola combined his troubleshooting, self-improvement and business expertise to create Self-Heal and Become Success.

Self Heal and Become Success

For years I read scores of self-help books but became depressed and frustrated with my search for advice. Every book I read seemed designed to benefit the writer, not the reader. Self Heal and Become Success changes this.

I provide you with real-life examples and situations, and recount the different lessons I learned in my own life and revea how you can apply each lesson to your personal journey. I give simple suggestions to help you begin to visualize your ultimate goals in life and cultivate the mind-set needed to reach them. Negative people will not get far in life. Bitterness, anxiety, and regret will only hold you back. Instead, adopting a positive and resilient perspective will allow you to roll with the punches and always keep moving forward after a setback.

While the book is mostly applicable to business and professional success, I spends time teaching you how to achieve a healthy work-life balance. With my help, achieve satisfaction in your personal and professional life!