FACING ONE’S SELF

Some people may never understand the sacrifices which are made to create passions into reality — facing one’s self is terrifying for most. When you start your journey and overcome, the person within you may even find the ones you looked up to and admired are standing stale. It is easy for many to give up on their dreams and live out their lives in someone else’s definition of happiness.

The secret to success is having, the Self-discipline to overcome everyone and everything that is holding one down, and that also goes for overcoming oneself, for you are the reflection of your definition of being happy. Adjust your definition and shift everything. When you travel on your journey towards your desires, dreams you will find that everything you ever wanted is hiding behind your fears, habits, beliefs and thought patterns.

Hiding behind your greatest fears, hide your most significant assets.

The universe is always guiding you towards your beliefs, ideas, and passions. Let them be yours and not someone else’s. The world has enough followers. The universe needs leaders. It is time to tap into the idle passions you always dreamed of creating, the life you have been born to live out. It is time to become a leader. Yes, I understand it is scary for some, for one must face themselves, and their world is going to change. I did this alone, I had to, for my old surroundings, the old me did not understand why I wanted to change and chance losing everything that I believed existed in order, to travel on a journey towards the unknown. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

If you are not destroying your comfort zone and if your world is not changing, growing and developing you are stale, idle and this my friends is not happiness.

The secret to blissfulness is facing ones-self and creating the genuine you, not only in mind, in reality. Do not get blinded by the pretty artificial lights for you are the pure light that matters. “Let there be light” and let your light shine.

By John Raniola. Author of Self-Heal and Become Success, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Elite life patterns guide.

“Are your patterns controlling you or are you managing your life patterns.”