We live a life repeating our past generations. We buy motivation in other people’s definition of success. Are we chasing other people’s meaning of life? Are our thoughts ours? All the motivation in the world is worthless if we never turn motivation into action returning to our authentic dreams or our real purpose. Selling you to yourself for you hold the secrets to flourishing in life, the secrets of the law of attraction or whatever label you give it.

Many seek other people’s definition of wealth. Some attempt to find riches through motivators selling get rich quick ideas as a definition of success. You can jump up and down, get motivated all you want but the moment you replace motivation with fear, you return to arguing with your other self, reflecting anger, frustration, and stress to yourself and your surroundings.  Many will become angry at their jobs, family members, friends and others leading themselves further and further away from genuine freedom. Deep down they are mad at themselves; they filled their thoughts with stress, anger or any contrary deed the mind can dwell in living in false emotions. Some may fall into deep depression, manifest anxiety or become physically ill.

Stress, anxiety, depression are all signs that you are living other people’s definitions of success as you become frustrated with allowing your dreams to fade away. I am not a doctor. I am just explaining my experience through my life transformation. (Always seek medical help if you feel you have lost control).

The never-ending goal of seeking and creating the correct definition of success is going to be hard work. Most will love the job due to it is guided those people back to the path of true self, their purpose in life, aligning them with the universal law. The most laborious work and the most significant battle that you are going to face is within yourself. Overcome everything that holds you back from who you are and reveal the precise definition of success.

Definitions, labels are all tools trying to explain something that cannot be defined. The reason is everyone has a different meaning of life, success, and freedoms. I have watched many give up on their dreams and chase other people’s ideas of how you are supposed to live life. I have watched people worship labels and watch those labels anchor those people down. I have watched people go to war over names. Some will deny going to war with themselves.

I had witnessed these definitions of labels exchanged from past generations and lived out in the present while being passed on to the future. Others cannot explain success as success can only be experienced. During the journey returning to prosperity. Learning how to remove all human-made labels, ideas, definitions and returning to the exact description of who indeed you are, is the key. I can sit down and write a label to try to explain what I believe success is to me. I won’t. You cannot define something that can only be described by experience. Many have tried.

I have spent most of my life chasing other people’s definitions. Giving me the excuses not to consider that I held the true meaning of life inside of me. I do not have a right to label the experience that you will witness on the journey of returning to self. It will only weigh you down longer.

My journey is not the same as anyone’s else’s. Your life journey is your teacher you can learn from your teacher or deny your teacher for the rest of your life. Your teachings are in your path of life and will reveal themselves in the way. Most will dismiss their journey by arguing with their other self, looking for an effortless path to happiness. They do not listen to their other self, restraining themselves from ever revealing the so-called secret of life’s riches.

Living in my past, created myself to attract a dependent mindset by listening to others tell me how I am supposed to live my life and how to survive. Living in a dependent mindset removed me from living with the free will of my thoughts. That just guided me further and further from who I honestly am. It forced me into living someone else’s life seeking money wealth and blinding myself from an experience of thriving in wealth.

Losing freewill to my thoughts forced me to give up on my dreams and forced me to live a life in my past generations fears, frustrations, hate and forget about the definition of success from my previous generations. Opportunities did not exist and or successful people where demonized.

When we live without free will we live in our past losing the passion for thriving. If we believe successful people are evil than deep down, we will never seek success. It is not what you are worth that matters. It is what you do after you receive financial and life wealth that will lead you to the exact definition of success or destroy who you indeed are.

If you decide to take the road towards your purpose in life, you will have to jump into your journey one hundred percent. Do not worry if you do not know how. Just start at once. I will repeat, your journey will teach you. If you open yourself to your life guides.

Guides will appear during your journey to teach you how to open the mind to new thoughts. The truth is, a closed-mind closes doors, and when you start your journey, you will be forced to be open-minded.  An open mind attracts the new, and a closed-mind draws the same. An open-mind opens other minds towards great wisdom. A closed-mind person slams the door shut to another person’s knowledge. Those who are shortsighted will never get out of their own way.

The mind wants to connect with other like-minded people. The mind wants to grow by combining with other intelligence. Like attracts like. Open yourself to the gateway to universal consciousness. We seem to forget that our thoughts are what draws phenomenal wisdom.

We spend all our energy trying to attract the wrong into our lives, wearing a cloak. No wonder why, we can never find real success in ourselves. We are seeking everything that we are not.

The real purpose of life is to find success within. Some will seek money and find true abundance from within. Many will work at attracting material wealth and overspend a lifetime, living other people’s definition of being rich. Letting their conscience decay. Some will seek wealth and find an abundance of success while giving back, guiding others towards a life of divine riches.

You are who you are for a reason. Find that reason and return yourself to a life of prosperity. Never let yourself dwell on the past. The past is, only lessons guiding you to your real purpose in life.

We are worthy of receiving great abundance.


                                                         John Raniola

                                    Author of Self-Heal and Become Success

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