Your life journey is your teacher. You can learn from your teacher or you can deny your teacher for the rest of your life.


I am a successful business owner.

I am a successful author.

I am successful in life.

I am successful at returning to my dreams.

I am success.


Many will look at those who are successful and call them lucky, when you understand the so-called secret to the law of success you will conclude luck does not have anything to do with success. I have watched many people with money wealth live in poverty of the mind and in life. I have watched many without money live with a successful mind and a successful life. We all know people who had everything and lost it all and yes, some even lost control of their lives. You ask, “What is the secret to success?”  I will tell you it is not your financial worth, it is not the beginning or the end.

The secret to success that is not a secret at all, is the journey it takes to return to your true dreams. Some will never take the first step to start their journey. Most will give up on their dreams before they even start. Your journey is the secret to your life, your teacher of life and your journey is what reveals your true dreams and the path to returning to success, your purpose in life. Your journey is the key to opening the doors to the meaning of life.

Many will deny their true dreams with excuses of fear, not being ready, not being smart enough. Some will even procrastinate their true dreams for the rest of their lives leaving them to fade away. You are who you are because of your past. The key to success is not to dwell in the past. The key to success is returning to your dreams and always growing in greater character then you were yesterday with everything you do. All you must do is acknowledge that your past has always been guiding you back to your true self.  The only one you need to be in competition with in this great universe is yourself.

People meet me today and tell me how positive I am. They believe I am one of the lucky ones because everything has fallen into place for me or is falling into place for me. If they only knew what it took me to reach this attitude and all the hard work it took me to remove the negative from my life. For a long time, I lived in fear and I let my dreams fade away.

I was told by my teachers that I was not smart enough to own my own business. They advised me that I should get a job as a garbage man. (Replying, “it did not take smarts to pick up garbage” as the class laughed). I was always told by my father that business was too risky and that I should get a government job. I was told by friends that I would be flipping burgers for the rest of my life working for a fast food restaurant.  I told them I would own one of those restaurants one day. They all laughed. I was picked on a lot in school. I believed it was better to be called stupid than to be called a nerd, so I never tried to pass my classes.  The one time I studied and went for help after school I received a very high grade. The teacher pointed this out to the class. I never studied again.  I believe that I passed most of my grades because my parents begged the teachers and schools to pass me. It even took me four years to pass tenth grade English. And now I am a writer.

I always believed I was so much more even if I did not fit in with the rest of the world. I was different an outcast to the majority, until the day I asked myself what was my true dream?  Only when I decided to step 100% into my journey did I realize I am not alone in this great world and that I am not trapped in the society I was born in. My journey is how I started to understand and started to put together the true meaning of success.

I became an architect creating my future, following my path to success. I can also look back in my life linking the dots backward. I know now that my dreams will always grow, they must because the law of growth will always motivate me from becoming stale and idle in my life. The law of growth will always grow in great energy if we just stop denying ourselves of it.  My journey, my dreams, my life, has just begun. I have concluded that what I believed was my life’s dream, was just a stepping stone revealing my hearts dream. Your journey knows who you truly are and your journey knows your true dreams even if you have not removed your blindfolds yet.

You are the secret to success!  You already know who and what your dreams are. We have just been taught the arts of fear, procrastination, laziness greed selfishness and taking the easy way out. All things that obscure our thoughts with synthetic ideas blocking our subconscious from working on and locating who we are and the meaning of internal prosperity.

With over 20 years in the career of trouble shooting air-conditioning and heating systems, I have created a troubleshooting mindset. I have taught myself how to troubleshoot in my sleep. Yes, sometimes it drives me crazy because I seem to try to fix everything and everyone.  I had to train myself to stop troubleshooting at times and trying to come up with answers on subjects I knew nothing about. I have also concluded that I cannot help everyone.  I can only help those that want to help themselves.

The journey has just begun for me. I was an expert at being negative for most of my life. I revealed the so called secret law to success that guided me to overcome everything that held me back in my life. I also understand as for any living law, the law grows knowledge into wisdom and the only way to reveal wisdom is by experience in growing in your life’s journey.

Your journey is your riches. Many will read this chapter’s title and only read the start and rich part without ever understanding and totally ignoring the grow part. To grow rich, is to create your true dreams, so the definition of grow is action. You cannot just think and become rich.  All the thinking, reading, motivation or learning in the world will never create riches for you if you never put your ideas into action!  Reveal your true dreams. It is your time to stop living other people’s definition of success! When you remove all man-made ideas of success you will find the genuine definition.

We are creators and what we create in our thoughts we create in life.

Start at once. Your journey awaits your return.


                                                                 John Raniola

                                             Author of Self-Heal and Become Success


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