The question is being are you tired of your job, are you really at a dead-end job or are you just at a dead-end life? This is something that you really must think about before you take on the decision to change your life and before going into a business or something like that. There are many successful people that work for a living I know family people, they have a job and have magnificent families, they are success and be on, OK maybe they don’t have all the money in the world except they live with so much pride, happiness, love and success, I also met many rich people with tons of money that are miserable, living miserable lives, fake lives, they are just unhappy and destroying themselves mentally. They are rich with money and live in poverty in the mind.

              The one thing that I found is that I went this route, I had a dead-end job or at least I thought I was at a dead-end job. This was a job that I always loved doing, I ran pipe, troubleshooting, fixing things this was art work to me, this is what I did. It felt so great to do a hard day’s work and go home at the end of the day. Then I let my surroundings destroy me, my surroundings hated each other everyone was out to get each other, everyone was talking nasty about each other, everyone was cutting each other’s throats. Then I sat back and this was the day I probable woke up, I said to myself, what am I doing to myself? I am destroying myself, I have no ambition, I have no great outlook in life, what was I doing with myself? That was when I realized my surroundings was destroying myself slowly inside just by being miserable and not having pride in my work. So, that day I said to myself that I am going to take pride in my work again and that really changed my life, I started to look at things different, I started to do my art work again, I would go home, I felt good I did something and I accomplished something. I stopped letting my surroundings and my past tell my mind that I was miserable in which made me believe I was miserable and then I let it create negative thoughts which led to a negative life.

              When you think, you are at a dead-end job and you are just mentally shutting things down because you are depressed or miserable or because everyone around you are angry, so you must be angry too. It just destroys you inside and you really need to realize where are you, who you are, what you want to become before you choose your journey. Many spend their entire lives attracting wrong into their lives

              Business is not for everyone, a lot of people gave up a lot for a business many gave up families, time, freedoms. With this said there is not anything wrong with having a job and working for someone, having a successful family, successful retirement. It all matters what your thoughts are in the mind, if you are going to go around being miserable I do not care what business you have you are going to be miserable and you are going to live a miserable life. So, you must change your thoughts because the mind is where success lives, it does not live in any place else, it does not live in your pocket, it does not live in your job, Success lives in the mind. This is something that you deeply need to understand before you take a journey to another dead-end business, another dead-end job and then another dead-end job because in your mind you are at a dead-end life.

              I have watched many people become very confused with quick become rich ideas in which just confused those people and led people to a different path in life blinding them from their true dreams. I have watched many people get blinded by pretty things, pretty people, shiny lights and things that led them away from their true dreams of true success. I have found people using their retirement savings for knowledge and never taking the steps needed to become successful in other people’s business Ideas. These people end up attracting what they believe they want in their lives due to what society and others made them believe they need in their lives. Before you take any new journey ask yourself what is your true dreams even then what you believe is your dreams may change as you start your journey. Starting your journey may be the only way to find the path to your true dreams. I have come across many people that changed their dreams during their journey to a successful life and finding that what they wanted to attract in the beginning of their journey change to more simple dreams, simple life and found a new idea for business that filled them with energy of success. If your dreams are calling you then you must answer the call to your journey to true success.

              You will never be ready if you are looking to be ready, you are using ready as an excuse for not starting. People wait for the right time to start when in fact they are searching for courage and the only way to find this courage is to start. Some people never start and live in anger for the rest of their lives wondering what would have happened if they just went after their dreams. I had no one to teach me I had to just jump into it.  I made many costly mistakes, the mistakes that cost me the most was, my bad habits, fear, overspending, not hiring professionals from the start, procrastination, denying and lying to myself that I was not good enough, smart enough and that I was always tired. Which all drained me mentally. My bad habits and misunderstanding of self-development books almost cost me everything. However, my journey is what took my knowledge and turned my knowledge into wisdom.

                                                                     Dead end job

                                                                      John Raniola

                                              Author of Self-Heal and Become Success


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