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For those who do not know me or for those that have not read my book “Self-Heal and Become success.”


My father was an NYPD officer, and some stories he told me had shaped my life or saved my life.


One story that had stuck in my mind was about this little girl that was kidnapped and became institutionalized to her kidnappers.


The story started with my dad telling me how he could not understand when the police arrested the kidnappers and were inside the kidnapper’s house. This little girl ran back into the closet that she had been held, hostage.


This little girl was finally free, and she ran back to what became her mental comfort zone.   How many are this little girl living their adult lives institutionalized in some form of childhood trauma? Maybe not running into a closet for security but, running mentally into what became a comfort zone a security blanket.


“What does it mean to be institutionalized, being institutionalized means that a person has been locked up long enough that they have become used to it, and this can create problems upon one’s release? Prison has a very different culture and day to day life than life on the outside, and if you spend long on the inside, you quickly become used to it.” – Internet.


In this chapter, I am not talking about physical prisons however if we live in a mental prison of the mind, does our mind create that emotion into mental chains that build our reality in some form?


Are many living with mental chains from something that their past has created into their reality in some form? Could people be living in a mind mental institute from their past generations? What if you never release this or at least witness this, will you pass these emotions, feelings on to the next generations.


I believe Self-Healing your way towards a blissful state of mind is the secret to your success. How does one do this, they must transform their diversity, failure, and negative life patterns into a blessing, an asset.


Let us build our blessings, not our beliefs.


We all see it. Some people seem to have everything, Fame, money, big houses, etc. Lose control of their lives. Why? They never broke out of that closet, their comfort zone, their mental chains, they did everything possible to cover their pain. The mind knows no difference it reacts to and creates what you give it.


Many will build their hidden emotions and pains into reality in some form. I have.


How do we start to transform diversity, failure, and trauma into a blessing?

  • Always outdo the yesterday self in a positive, productive way.
  • Shut down the noise.
  • Learn to shift Negative emotions and thought patterns on the spot.
  • Learn to listen to silence; silence is the place you can find self and guidance.
  • Find a way to protect yourself from overpowering negative emotions and thoughts.
  • Find the blessing in everything.
  • Look at the past as a road map to success.


No matter how bad you believe the past is, you holding you’re your trauma inside or trying to hide from it, is not helping anyone and especially not helping self. Chances are someone had it a lot worse than you. By releasing this pain, you may recognize you are not alone in your journey, and others may need your guidance.


We have just started transforming our mental patterns into a blessing an asset.


When you look at your past as a guide, you can find the blessings in everything if you allow it. Yes, it is the fight within that will hold one down, the security blanket, the secure job, the secure life.


Why do many deny their journey? They deny facing inward and allowing their quest to release their pain and to release the pain of their ancestors.


For many suffering has become their comfort zone. We hold on to this suffering as if it is normal, well for most it became normal, look around, and you will find almost everyone or everyone is comfortable in mental pain almost as if they enjoy it. As if they have become institutionalized with the reality they have been given.


Yes, maybe some will become richer with money, I will ask will they also be rich in the mind and heart?


What if you have something holding you back and you do not remember any trauma? What if the mental injury that you have was someone else’s in the past. Your past generation and those emotional and thought patterns had been passed to you. I ask this how many in your family tree repeated this trauma Or is now repeating this habit In some form?


Are you the one that will be the first to step up and stop this trauma or repeated generational patterns and transform it into a blessing?


The work we do on our journey is not easy for many for this work needs to be from within. That scares many. It scared me to face within myself. Most of my life was all about looking for excuses for why I was not ready.


It is time to recognize the chains that hold us down from our desires, and it is up to us to destroy these restraints. No one will do it for us.


Only until we break everything that is holding us down will we find we are guiding others, and we will recognize that those that we conduct the most will guide us the greatest.


You do get what you give. When you begin receiving in return, your abundance finds you. When you start returning2success, you open your self to your purpose, your blessings.


You are the Law in the Law of Attraction, Self-heal the law, and transform your attraction. What you accept becomes you — Law of accepting. Let us self-heal and accept our journey.



Blessings on your journey.
John Raniola

By John Raniola.
Author of “Self-Heal and Become success.”
Elite Life Patterns Guide.
Napoleon Hill Foundation, PMA Science of Success Instructor & Mentor.